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We offer discounts for local Arizona Clients

Websites are important tools, marketing tools.  People research the companies they hire for projects and if you do not have a professional website, it is easy to understand why you are losing business to competitors.  In real estate terms, it is like trying to sell a home without curb appeal. In short, a great website is a place to demonstrate your professionalism and prove you are the best option for potential customers to contact.  Potential clients love to see examples of your work and if all you have are promises over the phone, will that close a sale?  Not likely. 

We specialize in creating website for people in restaurants and physical trades.  Why restaurants?  Our background is food and people always need to eat which makes it recession proof.  Why physical trades?  People who work with their hands and also understand the importance of professional marketing are the best people to work with.  Potential clients love to see examples of your work and if all you have are promises over the phone, will that close a sale?  Not likely.

While we do work across the globe, we live in Phoenix and love our community and want to do our part to support it.  We’ve been building websites and helping small businesses with online marketing services since 2000. We can do the same for you. Since we are local, we will give you a significant discount on a professional website and help your online presence.

Website Design

Local Directories

When people receive a recommendation from a friend, the first question asked is, “What is their website?”  Potential customers want to visualize if your previous projects look like what they would like to have completed at their home. While word of mouth can still happen the “old way”, the world has completely changed.  Today, word of mouth happens in Local Directories like Google Maps, Yelp, Super Pages, and other sites.  These sites are missing information and often have countless mistakes that you will need to correct.

Social Media

Video Marketing

Social media is not just a place to see a bunch of cat pictures.  Depending on the target market, these sites are a great place to showcase your work and become a destination for people to get to know your business.  Nobody wants to get on the phone unless the have real interest so they research online and the phone won’t ring if your company looks bad on the web. The largest search engine in the world is Google and the second largest is YouTube.  Correct, the second largest search engine is a video format which means if you don’t have marketing in this format, you are losing to your competitors.  A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures!

Special Website Design Package Options For Arizona Customers:

  • $997 for a 1 page beginner website ($500 discount applied)
  • $1,997 for a 5 page “pro” website ($1,000 discount applied)

Claim & Optimize Local Directories Such As Google Maps:

Local Directories are where online word of mouth happens through reviews and they are often the starting point for potential customers.

  • We will claim and optimize the Top 20 Directories for contractors
  • We will help create a system for contractors to understand when a review has been left so that it can be responded to which is critical or both good and negative reviews.
  • Regular price for this service is $1,497. However, Arizona customers receive a $250 discount for this service by itself or $500 discount if we also build a website for the client.

The average Google Maps Business account sees 1,009 search results and 33 clicks per month. Half of businesses see more than 1,000 profile visits each month.

If you didn’t understand the power of Google Maps, now you do.  We can help with template videos for any contractor category or build something custom. Prices start at $500

Showcase Your Work

Potential clients would like to see your work which makes a website an excellent vehicle to do this through images of previous projects.